About me

Hello everyone, my name is Adrian, I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and this is my website.

I’m an enthusiastic person and really enjoy getting stuck into whatever is in front of me and often have multiple projects on the go at any one time.

My hobbies and interests mean a lot to me and I consider myself very lucky that I have been given plenty of chances to express myself creatively within fields that I have passion for. Some of these turn into somewhat more serious endeavours, such as a super exciting project: Gay Sauna the Board Game.

Games are great! I’ll always make time for a games night with friends and there are some fantastic board games out there both old and new. I do enjoy discovering new titles, but my there’s nothing quite like discovering a deep and tactical game and spending the time learning its quirks and tricks and how to become a better player. I play lots of board games, but also tabletop miniature games and video games.

I’m a resident DJ at a great DansCafe here in Amsterdam called Prik, where I’ve also recently started working behind the bar again! I’m working on publishing more of my DJ work and will update as soon as I can.