My lovely (but dangerous) HomOgres

So while my ogres were the second army I decided to collect for Warhammer, it was the first one that got a real colour palette, basing pattern and was the first army I consider is complete.

The theme was pretty easy for me – I wanted to make them as colourful as possible, to make these big scary beasts look a little less intimidating and potentially trick the opponent into underestimating them.

With individual colours for each and every ogre in the army it was great to be able to be really creative when it came to painting them. For sure it didn’t get at all boring – this was of course made easier by the really low model count.

Plenty of models in the army got a more camouflage effect in green, orange or blue that was a combination of laziness and wanting to give something really unique to the look of these troops.

The core troops in the army got rainbow bases, with half of them having the pattern going from red to purple, and the other half purple to red. The inner turmoil in this army is the bickering about which way round rainbows are and causes such a split that these troops need to be kept apart. Of course this is not an argument the more serious homogre troops engage with, hence them having mostly monotone rainbow patterns.

All the characters in the army are either gold/bronze for the fighty leaders or silver for the magic users, who also got a matching colour base pattern for the type of magic they were intending to use.

I’m so happy with the way this army turned out. It’s so much fun to put these colourful models on the table and see my opponent just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Especially the hippo catapult that is converted from a mascot of my former employer.

What do you think of my homogre army then?

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