Think big, start small

I’ve had an online presence for a long time, but starting a personal website from scratch is a really tough thing to do. I’ve got all these big ideas about things I want to share and discuss as blog posts as well as loads of things to create new pages and structured content about that I think could be really interesting.

Getting started however is proving to be a big challenge. My instinct and experience tells me that I should be creating templates and layouts that will allow me to easily add lots of content in the future, but then my motivation to action this disappears and nothing happens.

For now I think I’m going to just start posting small intros to the various subjects and topics I’d like to feature in the hope that this sparks my interest and creativity and more comes later. After all, I do stand by the concept of “Better something than nothing.”

How do you all manage to go from nothing to something? I’m super interested to hear from you!

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